About Hina Raza

Hina raza, an artistic damsel, studied banking and got much triumph in the field but she soon realised that this wasn’t her vocation and left her job to start a new venture in professional fashion designing. She personally relishes the idea of making bridal dresses and aspires to make her brides as content and pleased as she can. She believes every bride is unique and she is ardent to go that extra mile for them. She puts her heart and soul in their dresses and even works with constrictive budgets if needs be and turns the artefact into vibrant work of art, nevertheless. She is a humanist and has worked for women empowerment, especially for those women who are working from home and may not get enough recognition for their hard work and competences. She has also worked with several NGO’s like Smileagain.
She is primarily inspired by nature and its vivid hues. She uses that in her designs and drafts vivacious pieces, oozing exquisiteness in the result.  She also stresses a lot on comfort regarding fashion and believes it plays a huge part in looking beautiful. Hence her Pret line is not just rendered in radiance but is also comfortable and fun to wear.